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ALAMAT : Enggalwangi, Palasah – Majalengka – Jabar 45475 – Indonesia

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born May 5,1963 in Indramayu, West Java. Since little has been known art of embroidery (embroidery) and batik. Both parents participated batik entrepreneurs hone expertise in the field of art. Hery Suhersono study in SMA Negeri 1 Indramayu (1982) and the Academy of Finance banking YPKP Bandung (1984). Learning to paint in the late Sukenda's father (a businessman batik and embroidery) and on Mr. Affandi (Alm) painting maestro Indonesia. Y

ear 1975 got a little painter predicates.

In the year 19

85-2000, Hery develop the art of applied design motifs on batik and embroidery are applied to a variety of fashions. Hobby paint that is self-taught learning

began to evolve. Year 1997 with Cirebon artists are coordinated by the "Focus" makes billboard of Cirebon Arts and Culture of size mx 6 m in the 1000 Festival Nusantara II Palace in Palace Square Kasep uhan Cirebon.

Year 2001 began to experiment embroidery applications on a pure art medium (painting), while working as a designer at the company "Clothing Ranti Muslim". Year 2003 began writing a book about fashion design, design embroidery patterns and designs. Until 2006 has produced more than 20 titles of books published by Scholastic Press, Puspa Swara Jakarta and Friends of Library. His books about design patterns, fashion design, embroidery designs are scattered throughout the archipelago. From the year 2003-2006 has produced works of embroidery painting more than 100 paintings in various sizes, styles and diverse flow. In doing embroidery painting, he was assisted by three assistants who have been educated for more than five yea

rs.Great family support is from his wife, Uti Sayuti, S.Pd. (36 years) and three daughters named Fifty Yeary Pertiwi (14 years), Elite Zarashuda Alhaq (9 years), and Herty Nahlatul Haq (9 months).

Hery won several awards of appreciation from UNPF world organizations (United Nation Population Fund) as an international poster contest winner in the framework of the fourth world women conference in Beijing, China Year 1998, Award of the Minister of State for Population and BKKBN as a poster contest winners population of 1995, Award from the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications Tourism as a champion postage stamp design competition to design the Golden Indonesia, Year 1994, Award from the Malaysian Government as the race champion Mal calligraphy Hijra (Islamic New Year) in 2002. In addition, reached 001 Champions Race Version I Indosat Year 1996, Champion Painting Association of Dharma Wanita West Java Year 1981, Calligraphy Competition Winners KB Health Region III Cirebon in 1988, and the Painting Competition Winners Serumpun Indramayu (West Java) Year 1978 .

Hery Suhersono now actively developing or appreciate works of art embroidery, one of the activities are

exhibitions at home and abroad. His work is much collected by some people, museums, important and prestigious institutions both within and outside the country.